Slower update schedule?

After the update to the new syncing system, delays for 10- 21 hours to update. Waaay longer than before. Will this be the new norm?

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  • Hi all!

    We are currently seeing a wide spread issue resulting in delays and we're working with our import partner towards a solution! You can check our status page for updates. Hopefully, this will be back up and running soon!

    Once resolved, you should see transactions import more in line with our previous schedule. Our system can check for newly cleared transactions up to 3 times a day. It will check every night during a nightly refresh, and opening up YNAB will prompt another check if it’s been 8 hours since the last one.

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    • Faness Thanks for the reply, I'll be watching the status page and hope for a speedy resolution.

  • Ive noticed that too. I normally have my EoM a little tighter so I can pay my credit cards any extra cash I have left. Been manually entering stuff but seems as though Plaid is a downgrade

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  • YNAB is definitely not updating my accounts as frequently as before (and when they do, Plaid is requiring two-factor authentication texts twice in a row). It also feels like the actual updates are slower but not certain about this. 

    I am not happy that follow-up comments have been turned off on problems reported in the forum and also am not happy with a lack of updates about the transition to Plaid: There seems to be a lack of transparency about problems and the steps being taken to address them. It's not that there are problems that is bothersome, it's the lack of open communication about it.

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  • Also, I will just preemptively say that if my comments are deleted that will be the end of my use of YNAB and recommendations. I am only feeling compelled to state that because of the fact that comments have been shut down on previous posts where problems have been raised about Plaid.

    • Hi Aquamarine Lion !

      I'm sorry we missed the communication mark for you with the Plaid transition. While there are a few threads reporting issues, the majority of transitions have gone smoothly! For YNABers who are experiencing trouble, we need to look at the individual accounts that are affected and that can only be done by reaching out to support. We are keeping our status page updated with any widespread issues, but if anyone is seeing an issue not listed there our Direct Import team will need to take a closer look.

      We started removing direct import threads several months ago, but the switch to Plaid has made it a popular topic. We're trying to limit Plaid related threads as we aren’t able to troubleshoot Bank Importing issues in the forum and we'd like to prevent duplicates. We didn't mean to upset you by closing the previous thread. When threads become consistent reports of direct import issues, those YNABers aren't receiving the help they need and we want to direct them to the proper sources.

       The Updated to Plaid, but No Imports thread and our initial Plaid announcement are still open for discussion (our CPO was even answering questions there). While we aren't against discussing direct import issues in the forum, we want to be as clear as possible that in order to receive help YNABers should report a Bank Importing Issue using that form or reach out to support through the YNAB app.

      If you have any questions about that we'd be more than happy to answer! We have no intentions of deleting direct import comments, or any comments really, unless they go against our Community Guidelines. We want to encourage discussions in the forum while also making sure direct import issues are sent through the right channels. :)

    • Faness I appreciate your response and understand the reasoning from the support side. From a user perspective, however, shutting down comments on a particular topic has the effect of silencing or hiding the number of people who are having problems. Personally, I find value in knowing if I am the only one who is having problems with a particular bank etc. Closing comments and directing people to the form does not allow users to see if the issues they are facing are widespread. In particular, the Status updates on these issues are miminally descriptive in outlining the extent of the problems and what % of users are impacted. (I belong to the largest federal credit union in the U.S., so I imagine that if I'm having problems with them, it's affecting a lot of people.)

    • Faness I’m having the same issue of having to get authentication codes twice, only with Wells Fargo. It’s especially annoying since I have to do it most every day - an issue that predates the transition to Plaid. 

    • Aquamarine Lion Direct import posts are tricky because of all the moving parts involved. Let's say five people are all having the same issue - transactions aren't importing. A thread in the forum would make it seem like the issues are related, but once the Direct Import team takes a closer look it could turn out that three of the accounts aren't actually using Plaid (they're still on a different direct import provider), and the two that are using Plaid are seeing different errors (one a password error and one a time out error). Troubleshooting steps vary depending on the issue, so what works for one person may not work for another and could even cause other problems to arise - you may have seen comments like "I tried those exact same steps and now I can't connect at all". This is just a general example, but direct import is so individualized that threads about issues are usually more misleading than helpful. 

      While our aim isn't to stifle discussion, we haven't found a better approach to addressing individual issues on a public platform. I'll let our team know it would be helpful to have more information added in our Status Page updates. If there's any specific information you'd like to see included, please let me know and I can pass that along for consideration. 

    • Orange Tugboat Sorry for the trouble! Daily re-authentication is expected for some financial institutions, but having to request two codes to do so seems odd. If you report a Bank Importing Issue our Direct Import team can take a closer look at what's going on. 

  • I wish mine was 10-21 hours to update - I have transactions from almost a week ago that haven't updated. It seems like mine hasn't updated since I made the "upgrade" to Plaid.

      • Cyan Sloth
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      • 5 mths ago
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      Tan Dragon Same here. None of my Fidelity accounts have updated in over 48 hours.

  • Mine are apparently delayed, but are coming through, but either way......Plaid isn't getting it done.  The old standard was about every eight hours.  The new seems to be anywhere from 9-?? intervals.  I have seen up to 21 hours, but not sure if others have seen longer.

    It's not that its not pulling data, it's that it is not pulling data frequently enough.  I am not sure what a Bank importing issue will fix IF it is Plaid that isn't querying the data frequently enough.

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      • Scythe
      • scythe
      • 5 mths ago
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      Scythe I may have spoke too soon.  Now I have delays over 24 hours, since it says it's been "a day" since the last check.  I know there are cleared transactions, as I can see them when I log directly into my bank, but obviously Plaid is not pulling the data.   I know YNAB is hard at work  on this with Plaid, so hopefully they get it sorted in the next day or so.

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  • Ever since the switch to Plaid my imports have gone down from about 2-3 per day to this:


    • Hi Jared Williams !

      Please report a Bank Importing Issue so our Direct Import Team can take a closer look at things for you! :)

    • Faness I don't believe there is an actual problem. The transactions do come in, it is just once a day now instead of 2-3 times a day like I was used to. 

    • Jared Williams It would be really nice to be able to have a manual refresh once a day (even if it came at the expense of having fewer automatic refreshes), or at least be able to schedule when the refreshes happen.

    • Jared Williams Accounts should refresh twice a day - once every morning and again when you log into your account and it's been more than 8 hours since the morning refresh. I was able to gather a few more details but, in short, those 8+ hour messages should be rare and not the norm.

      There are a few different moving parts that come into play when calculating the timestamp—the time our provider completes their overnight sync with your financial institution, and the time we check for their updated information. The timing of our checks is triggered when you access your budget.

      First, we check with our provider and gather whatever transactions they were able to get during their nightly sync. 

      Then, we can only ask for a more recent update from your financial institution if it's been more than 8 hours since our provider last checked. This is a time restriction placed on us to avoid knocking on a bank's door one too many times, triggering their security alerts, and getting you locked out of your account.

      The number of hours you see there is determined by when you access your budget and where it fell into the factors mentioned above. If it's been more than 8 hours, it will trigger a refresh, but there are times when we're prevented from checking for updates.

      If you're continuously seeing those 18 hour time stamps, even after having your budget open for a while, it might be worth reaching out to our Direct Import Team. :)

    • Faness The 17-20 hour since last update messages have been the norm for me ever since we switched to Plaid. I'll send an email to Support.

    • Jared Williams Thanks for doing that! I had a quick question for you, to gather more details for our importing team—and we'll go from there. 😄

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