I'm confused about my savings account

First of all, I don't do it the YNAB way. Maybe I should, but it confuses me. I have it as a line item in the budget, within a Savings category.

Right now, until the end of July, from my unemployment, I am transferring $500 every Tuesday when I get my money.

I don't know exactly what I did, but somehow I've developed $500 in my TBB, but that is not really true. I just reconciled my checking account, before working on the budget, and it's right to the penny. So I know it's something I did this morning.

The balance in the savings is $6000 with this transfer, from $5500 just yesterday. That is also correct. Somehow there are 3 transactions dated today...I need to leave the savings at $6000, but take away that $500 TBB  


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  • Delete the top two entries. They cancel each other out in your register, but the Manual Balance adjustment is what added the $500 to TBB.

    • Vibrant  Thank you so much. I couldn't see it...Have a great Day!

  • If you're not going to do it the "YNAB way", you should probably have your savings account off-budget. Currently, you have to synchronize the savings category to the account balance and mistakes will happen. You treat the savings contributions like paying a $500 "bill".

    Alternatively, invest the time to understand the YNAB way. I think it's easier -- once it clicks in your mind -- and allows you to be specific about what you're saving for. It's very difficult for a generic "Savings" category to participate in the priority hierarchy when evaluating where to put (or move) funds, which is why it's not recommended.

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