Monthly Recurring Transactions Don't Reduce "Available After Upcoming" After Next Instance

I have a recurring transaction for Mortgage for $1,200 every month on the 1st. I just started my YNAB account today, the last day of June. So I didn't add any to my budget for this month, but I did go ahead and budget the $1,200 for July. When I click on the Mortgage category in July it shows that there is "1 upcoming transaction"  and that after that I will be back down to $0. Cool, that makes sense. So I went ahead and pre-budgeted for August too. But when I look there it says that I will have $2,400 - $1,200 so $1,200 left over... when really it should be $2,400 - $1,200 (July 1 mortgage) - $1,200 (Aug 1 mortgage). So repeating transactions aren't really repeating monthly in this sense... they don't help you when you are budgeting into the future? Or am I missing something about how this is designed to work?

Possible fix: I guess I'd have to turn off the repeating nature of my scheduled transaction and instead manually add one for the first of each month moving forward for the next say 12 months or so and then always keep track of that and add a new one each month so I can rely on the numbers for the next year?

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  • You're not missing anything. It's "working as designed", but you could file a Feature Request to consider multiple instances of recurring transactions.

    Many experienced users don't actually budget past next month's area, and this is yet another reason for such a practice. Obviously, financial cushion is a good thing, so they simply grow an Income Replacement category. If that is 6x the monthly income, they can obviously last for 6 months without any impact to lifestyle. No need for the busy work of budgeting all those future months only to have to change a slew of numbers when priorities or bill amounts inevitably change.

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    • dakinemaui this is a helpful concept. I was getting excited about budgeting out several months. But it seems that YNAB has a bias towards only making the next month accurate, not future months after that. I just watched a video about goals and there was a concept in goals that also really only worked into the next month and not subsequent months. So I'm rethinking my strategy around YNAB seeming to only want you dealing with this month and next month. Kinda disappointing, but the "Income Replacement" category is a nice fix. Thanks!

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      Gray Commander The other game changer, especially if you're paid bi-weekly/weekly/variable is to budget in month-sized chunks rather than every time you're paid. Search for "Income Next Month" for lots of discussion. 

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    You can also tweak the way your recurring transaction is set up so you can see two month's worth of mortgage transactions - here's how to do that:

    For your July 1 transaction, edit the repeat cycle to "every other month".

    Then create another mortgage transaction dated August 1, and also set it to repeat "every other month".

    Now you'll always have two recurring transactions in your list for your mortgage. You can use this same method for other repeating type transactions when you want to see more than one in your account list at any given time.

    I can't take any credit for this method. It was recommended in another thread by another user, but I can't remember who it was now.

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