Non-Standard Accounting Periods

We get paid only once a month, on or about the 3rd last business day of the month. When I budget my income and expenses are for a period from the 3rd last business day on one month to the 3rd last business day of the next month. How do I make YNAB work with that?

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  • There is a video in workshop suggested watching. It helped us. Wife paid bi-weekly and myself monthly. Used to be yearly... thank God that is no longer. As you budget it will fill out for you. I found my mistake when I first started was setting goals. My suggestion is to just take a few minutes and label your monthly bills with due dates. Then take three months at least and not set goals. Let the app do the math, you will begin to see a pattern.

  • I would try to budget slightly more, which will last you from the 3rd last business day to the 2nd or perhaps the last business day next month. The following month your slightly inflated budget entries might take you from the last business day to the last calendar day in the following month.

    Then you're home free -- thereafter you can budget from the 1st day of next month to the end of next month (ideally, with one-click leveraging Goals and scheduled transactions), using the normal "month-sized" amounts.

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