One week in and going better this time

We tried YNAB many, many years ago, but we just played the Rule 3 game all the time and didn’t really get the system. 
After years of unconscious spending, I’m really tired of his doomsday feelings and my wishful thinking spending. 
we finally got everything into the budget including our long term savings obligations (education funds, etc) and clearly see that our spending habits are a bit over the top and we have no real idea or consensus on what our priorities are. 
I’m really enjoying the ability to spend when I know it is in the budget and safe. I’m so excited to progress that I can hardly wait for each transaction to come in. Hahahaha. 

YNAB has such a great support system now. Really feeling good about using this way-of-life well. 

Thank you. 


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  • Yes, that feeling of wanting to look at your budget (sometimes just to look) doesn't go away.  It's great to see how spending affects goals, and priorities, and how small changes here and there can effect large changes down the line.  Just keep at it, and keep entering those transactions, and moving money when necessary to cover overspent categories.

    Welcome, and good luck!

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  • Hey Mel !

    It's been about a little over a month and I wanted to check in! I hope things are still going well! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :)

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  • Hi Faness !

    Thank you very much for checking in. Things are going rather well actually we immediately got our credit card out of that floating mode or whatever it's called. We pay it off monthly, but sometimes we were waiting for the next paycheck to cover it. Now we already have the cash to support our purchases. Feels good. Its so good to be aware of our actual situation. At the end of the month we are still rolling with the punches and recently changed cell phone companies and got a double hit from the previous and new company, but the cool thing is that it's fine! It hasn't made us cut into savings or anything. Yeah!

    I'm still a bit prone to buying now, adjusting the budget later, so that it my current homework. I need to change that habit.

    The price of veggies in Japan has gone way up due to a terrible long rainy season, so that grocery budget it hard to control. Arg.

    My partner and I have been having a weekly reconciliation meeting and its been awesome to be on the same page about the money. Especially those little charges that we used to be oblivious for like subscription apps and kindle books.

    Next up for us is to analyze whether our spending reflects our values and goals, which are very different for each of us.

    Loving YNAB and looking forward to getting a month ahead in the near future.


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  • Kudos to you! I downloaded it moooooonths ago and didn't even give it a try.  Thankfully have and is so much fun.  


    Happy to hear about your success! 

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