Double-tracking CC spending

Hi all, we're getting set up with our budget, but it looks like we're running into an issue of our credit card spending all being pulled from our budget twice. My partner and I put all our expenses possible on a credit card to earn rewards points, and then we pay off the balance weekly. However, this is coming through twice. So each week, say I spend $100 on groceries, it comes through as $100 in groceries. At the end of the week, when I pay it off, the transfer is categorized as a $100 credit card payment. I get that this makes sense for a credit card you're no longer using (debt from the past), but these are just our regular rolling expenses. Is there a way to set this up to fix this issue, so we don't end with YNAB thinking we're thousands of dollars over budget due to credit card payments? TIA!

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  • When you buy groceries, the cash in the Grocery category automatically moves to the CC Payment category. It hasn't left the budget at that point. Only when you pay the CC bill does that money leave the budget. No double spending.

    Your CC Payment should be recorded as a transfer in the Payee field, no category.

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  • When you make that $100 grocery purchase, YNAB moves $100 from "Groceries" to the credit card category for that credit card. The "Available" amount for groceries is reduced by $100, "Available" for the card is increased by $100.

    When you make the credit card payment, record it as a transfer between checking and the CC account. To make this easier, you can also click the "Record Payment" link at the top of the credit card account register.

  • OK, so somehow it knows the leftover balance I have from this week is past expenses, so doesn't count in my budget going forward, so functionally that first payment I'll make this week to pay off the card acts like a debt, but going forward, future purchases that are then paid off it knows to sort by category but not double up with a debt payment? I went in and played with it and that seems to be what it's doing. That's really clever! Thanks!

    • RachelAKG YNAB doesn't assume you'll pay off the balance on the card when you start. You'll have to explicitly budget for that amount in the CC Payment category if you wish to do so.

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  • Yeah, I guess I assumed at first it would know I pay it off, since it asked how I pay off my card and I told it I pay the balance every month. But I guess it does make more sense for the app to assume that means going forward I do that, since it doesn't import transactions from the past or ask you to assemble a budget based on past transactions.

    • RachelAKG Yeah, in my opinion the on-boarding should do a better job of leading you to budget for that given your answer.

      There is also the common case that by "I pay the balance", many users mean the statement balance and they are actually riding the CC float. I can see YNAB's reluctance to assume paid-in-full across the board based on that single question.

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