Fresh Start?

I thought about doing a Fresh Start but when I created it, the money allocated to my credit cards did not follow. Plus the amount TBB (from my paycheck 1/1/2021) doubled. Does anyone do a fresh start?

If I can't figure it out, I will keep the existing budget and just change it up to meet my current needs. Thanks for your input. 

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  • Hi there! When you make a fresh start, all of your budgeting and transaction history is cleared, so you'll want to set aside what you need for your credit card payment by budgeting directly to your Credit Card Payment category.

    Regarding your To be Budgeted amount... I'm speculating, but perhaps that paycheck was already included in your starting balance when you made the Fresh Start, and then it also imported (causing that To be Budgeted amount to appear doubled)? If you're able to see a running balance in your bank account, that might help you get to the bottom of things. You'll want to be sure to reject any transactions that predate your starting balance, and that should bring things back in line! 

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