Today is my last day owing $$$ - I have paid 65K paid in 3.5 years

I can hardly believe it.  After a lifetime of terrible financial habits, being a single parent of two on a tiny income, always spending above my means, borrowing to the edge - then not being able to cope with the unexpected, and some bad luck - in less than 24 hours I will be 100% debt free - EVERY.SINGLE.DIME. paid in full - even my car.

I'm 54 now.  3.5 years ago I was in crippling debt, full of anxiety, and sick to death of living pay to pay, carrying huge amounts of debt from day to day, week to week, and year to year.  I knew with retirement not so far off, I had to deal with this for once and for all and find a better way - and a better way I did indeed.  I found and fell in love with YNAB. It was life changing.  It took time, there was no easy way, I cut everything I didn't need down to the bare bones, but ..... here I am in 24 hours, completely debt free and feeling SO proud, peaceful and hopeful for my future.  

One would also think I have shares in YNAB the way I go on and on about it.  I have converted two folks to YNAB so far - my niece and my best friend both loving it and changing the tragectory of their own financial lives.  My adult kids won't listen but I'm hopeful one day, they will be ready and I will be here to help them get on track to the best of my ability.  

I WILL NEVER EVER EVER spend tomorrow's money AGAIN.  

Thank you YNAB and all those who have responded to my questions over the years. The support has been STELLAR, the videos, the live workshops - absolutely incredbile and I am very grateful.  To those starting out my one piece of advice is ---- time will march on whether you are on the right track, or the wrong one - where do you want to be in 6 mos? 1 year? 3 years? 5 years and beyond?  Start making those changes today to be where you want to be tomorrow.   It's the small every day behavior changes and choices that will help you walk out of financial chaos, into financial freedom.  You can do it - Best of luck!  

From your friendly neighbourhood YNAB lifer forever  :-) 

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  • 🎉🎉 Congratulations 🎉🎉 YnabLover  Great job turning your finances around, it is inspiring to read.

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  • I am so amazed at anyone who puts their mind to paying down debt. YNAB has been a great tool for your focus and discipline, but you climbed the mountain to freedom and I’m happy you can cherish the view. Congratulations!

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  • Well done! Congratulations! I hope you put at least a tiny little celebratory something for yourself in that budget! Even just a well-deserved cup of coffee! 

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