Migrating from Ynab4

Has anyone done this very recently? I have just been looking at the following and I am wondering how well it works? It still refers to checking whether I have the latest version of Ynab4. This advice sounds out of date. https://docs.youneedabudget.com/article/163-ynab-4-migration#:~:text=Migrating%20from%20YNAB%204%201%20In%20this%20article,simple%3F%20...%205%20Considering%20a%20Fresh%20Start.%20

It is quite a while since I last looked at this. I remember certain tips such as treating the credit card account as a debit card (I always pay in full and have no debt) but I am not sure about the migration process. Will it still leave Ynab4 accessible on my old laptop (in case I still don't like the nYnab) ?  My main reasons for considering a switch are that my laptop is very old and needs replacing and my Samsung phone no longer accepts the Classic app. I still have it on my iPod but I don't know how much longer it will work.

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