I finally have the momentum with my wife to start budgeting, so I created an account and tried to add our primary financial tool— our capitalone card. Only after trying to connect it a number of times was I directed to the status page which showed it obviously wouldn't work. 

First of all, letting your time-strapped users bang their head against the wall trying to connect a card you've known for some time doesn't work is simply horrid UX. Really. That alone would have been a dealbreaker had I not heard many other good things.  

Beyond that, I work more than full time, am a new homeowner, married, am a half-time college student, and have lots of obligations even beyond that. I barely have time to do the actual budgeting, let alone futz around with importing/exporting stuff. My classes start back up in 2 weeks. Do you have any visibility into CapitalOne support being up-and-running within that time frame? To make it clear, I am not asking you to troubleshoot my linked account connection here. I am asking if you, as an institution, have any information that indicates you will soon have the problem that you have with CapitalOne resolved. If not, I really can't justify sinking more time than I already have into your service, which would be a bummer because it seems to be the best out there.

I hate to be frosty, but frankly your service is off on the wrong foot with me, and I simply do not have time to wait around and see if wishy-washy "we're working on it" answers pan out. That said, I'd be ecstatic to hear that an immediate fix seems to be on deck.

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    Contact support through the web app ? icon in the bottom right. They have another option for Capital One Accounts. I’m in the same boat. For what it’s worth, it’s not YNABs fault. It’s Plaid’s. I can’t connect my Capital One accounts to any service that uses Plaid.

    • jonwgeorge Thanks for the response. The forum was the first option in the support menu in the web app, which is why I used it first. Generally, designers make their customer's best support options most prominent. (Hey, UX team!)
      It's not about blame for breaking the integration— solar flare could have killed their CapitalOne integration for all I care— it doesn't make any material difference in what I need from this product. 

      What is their fault, however, is failing to implement simple UX courtesies like applying a warning to the CapitalOne link form saying adding that card required contacting support, or even better, linking to support right when someone clicks on CapitalOne, but at the bare minimum, disabling the message that said those problems are usually resolved quickly, prompting me to repeatedly try every few minutes for a while. At an even barer minimum, on the status page where it says CapitalOne integration is broken, saying THERE that users can contact support to get integration up and running. (Heeeeey, UX team!)

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    • Powder Blue Saxophone Thanks for bringing this up. I'm checking with the import team to see whether this is something we can do, and if not, why not. 

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