Pay card off in full the next month

My card gets paid off in full on the 2nd of the following month. So for example all spending in January gets paid on Feb 2nd.  What's the best way to handle this in YNAB?


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  • Make sure that your Credit Card payment category has the exact amount in it to pay off the entire balance of the credit card as shown in YNAB.

    When you make the payment, it's just a transfer from the bank account to the credit card account.

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  • YNAB will update the CC Payment category for budgeted purchases (those against categories with sufficient funds). It does not assume you'll pay off any starting balance, so you may need to explicitly budget for that, which makes the category cover the entire account balance (as @nolesrule  indicated) -- emphasis on the account balance, in contrast to the statement balance which is usually smaller in magnitude.

    Moving forward, anything OTHER than budgeted purchases will require you to mess with the CC Payment category. Common examples are purchase rewards redeemed as statement credits, outgoing transfers, or credit overspending in a previous month. (Ideally, you would avoid overspending or cover it directly in the spending category that same month.)

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