Searching for an amount in all accounts and....

Good morning all,   Quick question I am probably overlooking it but how do I search for an amount in all accounts?  I get a check about every 2 weeks for a side job.  the amount is always the same $150.  I don't always deposit it to the same bank.  Can I search all my accounts at once for that value or do I need to go account by account?


Second any one here track gift cards?   silly I know but .....




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  • Towards the top left of the web page you can select "All Accounts" to view every transaction, then search in the top right.

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    Thanks,  I knew i was overlooking the obvious 馃檮 

  • Lots of folks track gift cards. One approach is separate on-budget accounts (one per card). Alternatively, use one budget account to hold all the GC money (use the transaction memo to identify individual cards). Either way, it's just a payment method like any other (checking, CC, whatever).

    Money is fungible, so no need to have a category synchronized with a particular card's value. Categorize as TBB and budget wherever you like. (If you budget a Starbucks GC to groceries, but you buy coffee with the GC, then the cash in the coffee category can be used to buy groceries. It's quite transparent / automatic.)

    Viewing it from the reverse direction, if budget funds are so tight that running out of real cash is likely, then these GC funds should NOT be tracked in the budget at all. A mistake would be extremely bad. If the total GC value is a significant portion of budget funds, that's an indication of high risk.

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