Manually override payee rule without breaking it

I set a bunch of payee rules, for example, "123" payee gets categorized as "Category A".
However, sometimes that category doesn't perfectly apply for every situation. So I recategorized some of those transactions to "Category B". I'm fine with doing that manual work for a few of them, since YNAB saved me the work for most of them. But now YNAB has changed the payee rule for that payee to "Category B".
I want to manually change the category of a transaction that was automatically categorized with a payee rule, without that changing the original rule I set. Is that possible? Or is it always going to change the rule to whatever category I last set on a transaction with that payee?

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  • Im pretty sure it always remember your last payee/category match, But as soon as you record a transaction with with Payee/Category A it is reset again, and will stay that way until you again choose Category B.

    I don't truly care much about who the Payee was, it is't much use to me though others find it useful. I do manual entry, so I don't have to contend with how the bank names Payees. So I can use the Payee thing in my own way to speed  up transactions. 

    I have a Payee Groceries (fast food) and Groceries (non food), and if I choose that Payee it fills in the relevant category for me.  If you have a particular payee that is sometimes Category A and sometimes Category B you could create a second Payee "Name B".  This  wont work if your bank transactions are imported, I don't think, as the bank wont know about the Payee with A or B in the name.

  • It will always reset. However, if you have a payee which has different categories, you can set it to *never* keep the last category, which may be helpful. 

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