Import future Transactions with CSV

I  make good use of your Scheduled transactions feature and I'd like to be able to plan out for the entire year my future pay cheques that have yet to be paid.

So rather than manually import all 24 transactions I constructed a CSV with their respective dates and they all changed the date to today (Jan-30-2020) rather than 03/12/2020. 


It's not fun have to manually enter in these dates. Is there an alternative method to this?

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  • Hi Abides ! YNAB is designed around the YNAB Method. Budgeting with the dollars you have on hand is at the core, which is why you won't see forecasting functionality in YNAB. The behavior you're seeing is correct. Future-dated transactions in a file will import, but with today's date.

    Forecasting has its place, but we have found that it can interfere with the benefit you get from budgeting, because it takes the focus away from making the best decisions with the dollars you have right now. We talk more about this in our Think Long, Act Now Guide and this Why We Don't Forecast Whiteboard Wednesday.

    We do recognize that looking forward is important, though! Scheduled Transactions and Goals will help you plan ahead while keeping you focused on the here and now.

  • Why would you want to import 12 future dated transactions?  Just create a scheduled transaction to repeat monthly.  I used to budget out 12 months at a time using YNAB4.  In February 2019, I fell off the budgeting wagon.  However, not knowing my financial position from day-to-day and week-to-week and month-to-month was stressful.  In December 2019, I decided to get back on the wagon.  

    I restarted my budget in January 2020 using the web-based YNAB.  I was a little wary of not being able to budget out 12 months (well, you can, but you don't need to).  I came across an article on creating a budget template using goals.  I have a spreadsheet in which I create my financial  plan for the year.  So, with that in hand and the article on creating a budget template,  I set up my budgeting goals  for February.  

    When the month rolled over to February 1, I compared my underfunded amount for my total monthly goals, and found that it matched my plan for February on my spreadsheet to the penny.  I held my breath and pushed the "underfunded" button ..... BOOM .... my budget was funded in under 3 seconds (probably quicker than that!)

    I'm hooked on the new version.  A day or so before the end of the month, I will just review my plan against my goals, and then eagerly await the month to roll over so I can push the "underfunded" button!

    Budgeting is FUN again!!!

  • Is there anyway to vote for this feature? If so, then I vote for it. This is the exact "bug" that I came looking for today.

    I understand that YNAB is dedicated to budgeting, but I don't see why this feature can't be included. I can  manually create future expense/income transactions , so why can't I import them as well?

    • Purple Captain The best way to let our design team know what you're looking for is to write in with a Feature Request. That way, the right folks will see your request! :)

    • Dela - Done. Thanks!

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  • Went through the trouble of making a csv from my banks amortization table, only to stumble upon this issue.

    And no, the mortgage type account does not properly calculate it. Also no, repeatable transactions aren't an option, the amounts are always slightly different. And no again, my bank is not supported and can not be linked.

    Time and time again I feel the app is very US specific as a lot of the features are useless for EU users, and with these limitation, I question why I'm still paying for it.

    This post is a year old, it can't be that hard to remove these restrictions or add a simple checkbox to actually do what someone expects to happen when they import a file with future transactions. Not to mention the ridiculous workaround I had to do to try an import again after deleting the first set of transactions because I thought something was wrong with my date format.

    At the very least add a notice that transactions in the future will have their date set to the current date to inform about this hidden, unexpected limitation.

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    • Beige Jackal I'd love for your feedback to get into the hands our our product team - would you be willing to paste it into this form so they can followup with any questions they may have?

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