Getting Back on the wagon

This is for all of us that fall off and need to get back on the wagon.

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  • So... i've been on YNAB for a couple of years but truth be told I tried YNAB about 8 years or more ago but it never stuck until they changed it to on line. The lover and I could sync our phones and we could clearly see where we are.  The debt in our world was colossal. We started off over $5000 over drafted on our checking account and the lover was getting close to maxing out yet another credit card that I swear he had just opened.  I said we were getting different checking accounts and separate finances if we were not on a budget and I didnt' start taking over the bills and paying everything.  No more living in leave it to beaver land and father knows best. His comment was " Well if that makes you feel better."  I am married to a Saint but I said yes this will make me feel better.  

    So.... fast forward 2 years and we are more than 1/2 way out of the colossal debt and of course Murphy has called in the form of ACL surgery of teenager playing football and the Christmas Crisis where "I just had to save the earth Amazon style and buy the Perfect glass straw and kept rebuying the perfect glass straw until I got it right " with the money we did not have and travel etc and lo and be hold we so fell off the wagon. More so me than him. I chucked all the rules and so $3000 more in debt with even less money coming in and ugh. Here we go again we're buying groceries on the credit card and we're about to start playing the "Act like it's the Apocalypse Game" and take every freezer burnt item out of the freezer to create dinners.  And still yet were buying food on the credit card and it's making me sick. So.... just keep swimming just keep swimming.  I'm going to keep posting on here to try to keep myself motivated with moving a head instead of backwards and I'm going to follow the rules to the best of my ability while I'm robbing peter to pay paul with groceries on the credit card. Ugh

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    • Hey Sam_i_am ! Welcome to the forum! We're currently playing the freezer game too. It leads to interesting combinations!

      Did you want to turn this post into a Journal? That way you can check back in as things progress, all in the same place! They're great for talking through things you're struggling with, or to receive words of support and encouragement from other YNABers.

      Let me know if that's something you want to do, and I'd be happy to move it over to that section. 🙂

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