Quickly See all Underfunded Categories

Is there a way to quickly see all underfunded categories in my monthly budget? When I have the budget collapsed, there is not even any indication as to which budget groups have underfunded categories as far as I have been able to tell. I did install the tool kit hoping this would be an option there, but don't see that it is, although there are a lot of other great features!

I am not yet at the point of being a full month ahead so have several categories left underfunded during the first part of the month. When additional money comes in, I fund these, based on priority and what is coming due before additional money arrives. I realize I can use the quick budget option to fund all underfunded categories at one time, but that looks like a scary option with the potential to make a big mess in my budget. I don't always have enough to do everything at one time anyways, rather need to decide where to put the incoming money I do have, based on priority. This would be a much easier task if I could see all of the underfunded categories at one time, without hunting through each group to find them.

I am relatively new so may be missing a way to do this?

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  • Hello, Tomato Pilot ! That's not a current feature we currently offer, and I like the idea very much.

    If you’d like to submit this idea for consideration to our product team, please submit a Feature Request. (Thanks!)

  • Thanks, I will put in a feature request for this. Right now I am using a unique emoji in the name of the category group if there is an underfunded category within that group. This is very manual and I have to remember to add/remove the emoji from the group name as changes are made, but it is easier than going through each group to find them.

    • SpringChick It took me a minute to realized you changed your name, and I was like, "Why am I calling you Tomato Pilot? What is a tomato pilot?" 😄

      Do you have your categories in priority order? One thing you could do is reorder categories so the highest-priority ones are at the top of your budget and get funded first. I realize this isn't a perfect solution, but even if you were able to do it only partially, it would still make underfunded categories easier to spot by clustering them.

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      • Can we agree that goals are dumb and immature? Sure.
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      TFW YNAB support is being tripped up by bad decisions made by YNAB support...

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    • WordTenor I mean, that was a year ago. It's not like we would still be doing the humorous default username thing...

      ...uh oh.

  • Hi! I second this request (will also fill out the official request).

    I've been YNABing for a year, pretty comfortable with it, but for some reason March has an Underfunded amount that I can't completely account for. Some of it, I can (e.g. newly created category)... but the remaining part baffles me.

    Would be fantastic to find out at a click where the Underfunded amount is coming from.


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  • Just filled out the request for this feature (as well as being able to see transactions by category from the Budget view rather than having to go to All Accounts and sort). 🤞

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