Allocating funds for Credit Cards-issue with balance


I have an account for my AMEX card and in my budget, I have a recurring expense for the monthly fee. In February I paid $1400 towards the card. I logged those payments in the AMEX account. In my budget, It shows -$1056 in activity. I did have charges to the account as well. However, budgeting and paying $1400 means that I no longer have any of that money in my checking account. My budget tells me I still have $343 in my AMEX line item, which is not correct.  I am a little confused on how to manage this. Am I logging this incorrectly?

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  • When you spend budgeted funds YNAB sends money to the credit card payments section to reserve it for the payment. 


    You budgeted and sent $1400 to the card. Then you also did another $343 of budgeted spending on the card. YNAB has reserved that money for you to send to the card. 

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      satcook Thanks for the reply-I think I get this. Still new to this software so trying to get my head around the methodology. 

  • Until you can pay the statement balance, you should pay the entire amount in the CC Payment category. This is a combination of funds you budget and money reserved to pay off recent budgeted purchases.

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