Blast from the past, stopped by to say hello

Hello everyone.

I was very active with YNAB back in the early 2010's and while I was re-reading "The Richest Man in Babylon" it reminded me of this software and I felt nostalgic and thought I'd drop by and say hey!

I don't know anything about YNAB now, but back in the day it was a desktop application, YNAB 4 I think it was called, and I was one of the many users who left the software behind when it became a service.  For me that was a deal breaker, not because I have an issue with software as a service, but because of privacy concerns.

That aside, I just want to encourage anyone who is okay with that to embrace the method behind the YNAB approach, or at least to embrace the method behind the approach as it was presented in YNAB 4 - I don't know what the approach is now because I haven't been around in half a decade, so it could have changed ... and I think someone told me that when the service launched there were already changes, something about not having to account for every dollar or something .. I don't remember it's been a long time, but there was something about the service that actually broke the rules that the original YNAB enforced.

Anyway, I don't even know why I'm here except to say hello because I was feeling a big nostalgic for the olden days .. I spent SO MUCH time on the old forums and with the YNAB software that it holds a special place in my heart.  I don't know if you can still download the old software .. I do still have my license, but I still think about YNAB every once in a while and wistfully hope that they some day come around and have a private desktop application again so I can come home to it.

Stick to your budgets! :)  YOU NEED A BUDGET! lol.

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  • So, what was your user name back then? Did you participate on the forums? I’m curious how you’re budgeting these days after abandoning YNAB? The Richest Man in Babylon was one of the first financial books I ever read. It must have been over 20 years ago.

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    Welcome back.

    When the new YNAB first launched there were a lot of problems with it.  They're fixed now and I love it.  They keep finding things to fix but they seem to be very minor issues now.  You don't have to link accounts, it's one of the extras you don't have to use.  Believe it would be worth your while to check out the new one. I believe it is even better now.  You can always do the free trial to check it out.  

    Like Superbone , would like to know what you are using now?  and your progress?  Just curious.

    Hope to see you around. 

  • Hi Silver Cartridge !

    I'm glad you're checking in - we love seeing YNAB 4 users test out the online version of YNAB. Also, two points for nostalgia! :)

    The Four Rules have changed slightly, but we still vie for every dollar having a job. Rule Four is now to Age Your Money, which is a bit different from living on last month's income but the premise is the same. 

    We originally had plans for a native desktop app, but we had to roll with a few punches and it's no longer on our short term roadmap. It may come later down the line, but I can't say for certain. 

  • Faness said:
    Rule Four is now to Age Your Money, which is a bit different from living on last month's income but the premise is the same. 

     It's not really the same premise, because the method of implementation creates a different mind set, and I have found too many people get hung up on a metric that in the end doesn't matter because it's going to be what it's going to be just from following the other rules.

    I really wish you guys would not have doubled down on Age Your Money / Age of Money. I've spent more time talking people off ledges because they were so hyperfocused on aging their money they were making bad budget decisions.

    My stance on it hasn't changed in 4 years, and most of us old-timers continue to recommend replicating the old YNAB Classic Rule 4. It'd be a nice gesture ifYNAB would just go ahead and re-implement that for those of us that find it more useful, rather than having us all jump through hoops to replicate the old functionality.

    Also, how's that Stealing From the Future fix coming along? It was originally promised to be ready back around August 2016. I glance at my calendar and it's now February 2020. 🤔

  • Silver Cartridge said:
    I don't know if you can still download the old software

     YNAB4 is still available for download at this link, which also provides a way to look up your sign-in criteria and license, if you've lost track of those.

    I might be an anomaly, but I use both nYNAB (the new version) and YNAB4 on my Mac with Catalina, because i value features of both programs.

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