1098T - Did you know a parent can claim this?

For their student. My son lives with us full time and has no job and apparently we can get the credit.  

I had no idea!! I'm amending last years return because I found the 1098 T from 2018 in my sons college account (yes I have access) and we are owed a refund of $2500!! 

Hopefully this is correct. Turbo tax said it was. Guess we'll find out. 

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  • Yup, my dad was pretty excited the one year he got to claim my credit. I got married while I was still in school though and moved out on my own which meant the credits were mine from 2nd year on. Still, nice bonus for having a kid in college. I'm assuming the thought is the parent is helping pay the tuition so they should get the credit (which was 100% not the case with my dad and he just got free money).

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