Starting to lose a lot of faith in this software

I've been a long time ynab 4 user. I finally made the jump to new ynab.  I'm seeing regular bank sync issues.  Namely around Capital One, which is known.

I understand the workaround is to manually import transactions, but for some reason, transaction dates between synced transactions and manually imported transactions are off by one creating a huge amount of duplicate transactions. I have to manually go through 60+ transactions, find the duplicates and delete them.

Even with accounts that do 'sync successfully', I'm finding a whopping $1200 difference in whats posted in my account and what was imported.  This software seems incredibly unreliable at this point. 

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  • I am suffering the same types of problems.  I had a zeroed budget, just received two paychecks and my amount to be budgeted is less than 1/2 of what it should be.

    I also tried entering purchases as I did them as recommended, but now I have doubles once it finally syncs of many transactions.


    I have been zero budgeting with spreadsheets for 15 years now and I was going to switch to this software to make it easier for my wife and I to work together and deal with things on the fly.  But, I have no faith in the numbers I see in YNAB and can't trust it now.

    I think I am going back to my spreadsheets and won't bother purchasing YNAB.



    • Orchid Sound Are you using File-Based Importing? I’m happy to help, and will move this over to Accounts & Transactions.

      If the dates of the transactions in your QFX files downloaded from the bank are different than the dates of the imported transactions our provider received, it may cause duplicates to occur. Does that sound like the case? 

      I'd recommend making sure your account is reconciled before importing the file, if you think that might be the culprit. That would limit the number of duplicates, because YNAB will not import any transactions that occurred more than 3 days prior to your most recently reconciled transaction.

      Your financial institution may hold a transaction as “pending” for a day or two, but once they are cleared/posted, they should be available to import in YNAB within 24 hours. The most foolproof way to maintain a healthy budget is by entering transactions as you go and using Direct Import as a backup for those times you’re too busy (or forget!). The mobile app is great for that!

      There is a widespread issue with Capital One. If you're having trouble with another bank connection, you can report a Bank Importing Issue here and our Importing team would be happy to look closer.

    • Hey Mike Silver Hail ! Are you using File-Based Importing or entering transactions yourself? I'd love to help get to the bottom of what's happening. I posted some tips for using File-Based and Direct Import here that can help with duplicates.

      Reconciling before importing the file really helps too, because any duplicates 3 days prior will be skipped. If you have questions, let me know!

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      Nicole I get the impression he's doing both direct import and then file based to pick up missed transactions. 

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      • dakinemaui
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      Silver Hail said:
      just received two paychecks and my amount to be budgeted is less than 1/2 of what it should be

      This can happen if you have a negative TBB in next month's area. (Some of the new money goes toward fixing that deficit.)

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    • Nicole I am using the direct import automatically for my bank accounts and for the credit card I am entering items manually.

      I also budget biweekly instead of monthly, so having a month roll over in my middle of my biweekly budgeting is kind of a pain also.

      dakinemaui  My TBB was zero.  

  • I would simply stop the direct import. As I see it, YNAB is perfectly usable with manual entry and the occasional File Based Import for my high traffic accounts. It's actually faster to manually reconcile on the low traffic ones since it avoids the overhead of configuring the download parameters.

    That being said, why did you stop using YNAB4? There's a patch to make it work on the Mac if that's your issue.

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  • dakinemaui I switched off 4 for automatic importing. 

    Nicole Yes, the dates were incorrect.  How would I reconcile an account if I can't import new transactions.  Regarding the other account import issue. I resolved it by reimporting 2019 entirely and there was missing transactions at various dates throughout the year.  It appears that the automatic import only imports x days of transactions and if the import has not run in greater than that amount of days, it will miss transactions.No amount of automatic importing would have resolved that. Perhaps if the development team can add some parameters to specify dates for the import.

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      Orchid Sound It could also be the bank limiting how far back the import goes. I have had this happen with File based import, so I suspect it could happen with direct import also.

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