Recording a car purchase down payment

Hello everyone: 

Need some assistance on recording a transaction. I recently paid a down payment for a new car purchase. Since the payment was fully funded from my savings account, I moved the funds from my savings to checking account (transfer between two budget accounts).  However, when the check cleared from my checking account, I realized I had to assign a budget category for this expenditure, but I don’t have any dollars left to assign to a new budget category as all money has been already fully assigned.   I realize I have not set up something correctly - could you advise how I can address this issue? Many thanks in advance for the assistance. 

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  • Where did you originally budget the money in your savings account?  Do you have money budgeted for a new car down payment?

    • satcook No I haven’t budgeted any money yet for the car payment and this was money was just sitting in my savings account (which was mapped to my savings budget category).   

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      • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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      Violet  Savings budget category? Some of that money was for the car down payment, and some of it is probably being saved for other purposes. So move it into appropriate categories for what you are actually saving it for, and then you'll no which category to assign the transaction to.

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    • nolesrule Thanks, got it! 

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