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Anyone heard anything with regards to more reports or the ability to customize and save reports?  That's an area severely lacking.  I know this is a "look forward" software but historical data has value as well.  Hope to see some improvements there.

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  • Curiosity - what reports would you want that aren't there now? This may be something the toolkit addresses, if you use the web app.


    ETA: I find the current set of reports sufficient and sufficiently customizable for my look back needs.

      • rlogue06
      • rlogue06
      • 6 days ago
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      Fuzzball Meows I'd love to see a report that tracks the percentage of my income goes into investment / savings accounts - Savings Rate.  I know you can determine this from the existing data, but a dedicated and baked-in report would be nice and is an overall indicator of financial health.

  • Hey rlogue06 ! Our product team would love to hear about reports you'd like to see. You can reach out to them via our Feature Request form, and they'll let you know where things stand.

      • kirstenw
      • Purple_Lobster.11
      • 16 hrs ago
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      Marisa Yeahh! Hoping for this as well to be improved in the soonest. 

  • I find it interesting that a budget program has no budget reports.

    • MXMOM So, I've sincerely thought about this one, and ultimately decided it may be more misleading than helpful. 

      First off, when I expressed interest about it on here, I was told that the budget screen *IS* the report in looking for. Ok, that's fine. 

      However, I would love to have a graphical representation of what I've assigned that month (pie chart seems logical, though a bar graph may work as well). Another one to represent available could be interesting, depending on how it's done (the pacing bars that I don't use could now be doing that function in a way...).

      I then realized that part of why YNAB was successful for me is that I put money in savings categories (True Expenses) and didn't look at it until I needed it. 

      I really didn't need to look at a pie chart of money, assigned or available, where a distinctly large portion of it was not really available (going to be used for bills, don't touch the savings categories, etc). This is the same reason I don't want to see the total available number on the right. 

      Psychologically, if I see that I am making daily/weekly decisions about 5% of my monthly money, that's not visually encouraging or helpful. 

      Plus, how on earth would wamming be represented in a pie chart? It would need another dimension or something very creative. 

      So, yeah. The budget screen is the most important report. 

  • Also, no comparative reports.  For example, this September vs last September.

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