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Hi all. Can anyone direct me to a concise feature list for YNAB? I've looked all over their site and searched the forums and haven't found one yet. I'm considering switching from Banktivity. They both have pros and cons so far, so it's not going to be an easy choice. Thanks!

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  • What are your cons for YNAB? Just curious.

  • Of course the best way to find out what you like best is to trial both. I just read up on Banktivity and one advantage it appears to have is that it handles investment accounts well and it has retirement reports. I will probably trial it myself.

  • biker4Christ said:
    I'm considering switching from Banktivity.

    I'd be curious to know what triggered that. I do know from personal experience that YNAB is the best budgeting software I've ever found and it has been life changing for me. However, it might be nice for me to have more in depth investment tracking and I haven't found anything to date that has been a difference maker in that regard. 

  • Investment tracking isn't a priority for me. I invest long-term with a small number of accounts, so they're easy to track. Some of the things that are important to me are:

    • Good budgeting features
    • Easy to use register/ledger for tracking transactions in checking, saving, etc.
    • The ability to share data with my wife so we can enter our own stuff and see where we are budget-wise
    • Reporting
    • Decent customer service when I need it
    • A great user experience crafted by actual user experience professionals

    The only con I've seen for YNAB so far is the cost. It's the most expensive one I've looked at so far and I HATE the subscription model for software. While this has been on my to-do list for quite awhile, the real trigger is that Banktivity started losing my data. When I inquired, they said that for the version of the software I have with the OS I have, data loss is to be expected and I need to upgrade. Sadly, Banktivity has gone to a subscription model too and they have not been receptive to feedback in the past.

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      biker4Christ Thanks for the info. Yeah, you're not alone in hating the subscription model but unfortunately, that looks to be the new standard of our times.

      The good news is that I would rate every one of your important items highly  for YNAB except maybe the last one. However, I do believe they have hired UX professionals and this area is improving for the most part and is not bad by any means. But that would be easy for you to check out during their free 34 day trial.

      I'm now, due to your post, trialing Banktivity for the investment and retirement aspects. One difference off the bat is that Banktivity requires a credit card to trial and will automatically begin charging you in 30 days time if you don't cancel first. I don't believe YNAB requires your credit card to trial.

      Yeah, that's horrible that Banktivity told you that loss of data was to be expected with your configuration! I'm in the process of adding my accounts to Banktivity at the moment and the first snag I've run into is that they don't handle crypto accounts in the US apparently. Neither for PayPal or Coinbase Pro. Everything else though seems to work with direct connect so far.

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  • YNAB is not really a tool you can compare others with because each tool has its own rationale/goal to help someone accomplish. However, YNAB uses the YNAB method, the software just complements it. You could still use a spreadsheet and the YNAB method and it would do exactly the same thing. 

    - The main issue I have is that YNAB does not allow multiple categories within a category. I get simplification and consolidating to make life simple, but it would more helpful to be able to have separate goals within a category. If you need a way of keeping track of multiple goals with different amounts and different dates, there are some other forums that use a spreadsheet and other websites. 

    - The direct import is helpful, although they use a direct import partner who seems to be having trouble, but that is a separate problem than YNAB as a budgeting tool. 


    - there is a learning curve but they are working in the last few releases to help change that. 

  • biker4Christ said:
    Investment tracking isn't a priority for me. I invest long-term with a small number of accounts, so they're easy to track.

    Yeah, I've already decided to cancel my Banktivity account. I'll give it a couple more weeks just because I can. Because it's trying to do everything, it's a lot more convoluted than YNAB in general. This happens to me every time. I'm always on the lookout for something that handles my investments better but then I'm always left unsatisfied.

    The retirement goal is kind of cool but once you see you're on track, there's no need to see it going forward. Updating my investments once a month in YNAB is more than enough. I don't need to see their real-time values all the time. It is the best I've seen as far as investments are concerned and yet I'm left unsatisfied. Yodlee handles almost all of my accounts quite well for direct import. Only one HSA investment account and the aforementioned crypto accounts weren't able to sync up. I think I've finally learned to give up the ghost and just stick with what I have.

  • biker4Christ Jumping in a little late here (sorry about that!) to say hello, and direct you to a few resources that might help you get a better birds-eye view of YNAB, as well as help you get started if you've decided to trial already 😊

    This video will walk you through getting started and give you a tour of YNAB's core features in action. If you're looking for specifics on any feature or function, the HelpDocs library is probably the place to go.

    Of course, the trial is totally free and full-featured, so if you're up for it, you can dive right in. Let us know if there's a feature you're looking for and not finding, or if you have any questions about what you learn along the way! 

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