Question about paying for a large dental bill with credit card since I don't have the $ right now

To make a long story short I am going to have to have major dental work done on November 3rd and I do not have the money to pay all of what is required up front. I am going to be putting the majority of it on a credit card and paying it off over the next few months. Is there any specific way this needs to be added? Or do I just resign myself to my budget freaking out and saying I'm overspending for the next six months?

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  • Your dental (or whatever) category will be yellow overspent only for November, in December it will go back to gray and zero. You'll budget directly to the CC payment category starting in December until it's paid off.

    If the card you're using will be charging interest, you'll need to add that transaction in YNAB so that your account balance stays accurate, and then either let the Interest category be overspent each month, or you can budget part of your anticipated payment to the interest category and the rest to the CC line (if your interest charge is $25 and you plan to pay a total of $300 on the card, budget $25 to interest and $275 to the CC category. The $25 will move to the CC category just like any other budgeted purchase for a total available of $300). 

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  • Thanks, I appreciate the answer. I have a card I got back in August that is 0% interest until after 1 year so I'm planning on putting on that one. 

  • Vibrant said:
    Your dental (or whatever) category will be yellow overspent only for November

    That warning can be turned off by making offsetting budget adjustments (increasing Dental and reducing the CC Payment category). Personally, I wouldn't want to be nagged for a conscious choice to employ credit.

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      dakinemaui interesting! I could visualize the mechanics of what you were saying but not the result, so I tested it in my budget. Neat trick. 

    • Vibrant that was recommended practice in prior versions. I think it's unfortunate the new product and training has prioritized "easy" at the expense of some of the psychological benefits. Consequently, I continue to recommend that ALL overspending be corrected.

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