Using YNAB for 5 years

Just want to say YNAB has helped me get a hold and help me visualize my budget and expenses much better. 

I will admit that when I first joined YNAB in 2015 I did not understand it at all and why my TBB was always red. I gave up using it for a while since I still would like to be able to see the value of my other accounts including retirement and my loans. I kind of let that dream goal for a while and just manually track them now. Over the past few years YNAB has helped me to see ways to save money and to say NO I probably would not have been able to stop myself from doing. I spend entirely too much money on eating out, which is still true, but I have been able to avoid overbudgeting too dramatically and getting into heavier debt because of it. 

I have been blessed to stay employed during the pandemic and I know forecasting is bad, but if my plan (budget of goals and future definite expenses) works out - I will have paid off two credit cards and have some savings for the future expenses (car repairs) that I never had been able to plan ahead for and set aside for. 

YNAB really works. You just have to have the self discipline and self control to stick to your budget and not spend unnecessarily...

I have read the Software as a Service post and I do hope the YNAB continues adding new features to help follow the method, but it works well as a tool. 

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  • Slate Blue Pilot (2903ac015cdb) I agree, it is a great tool but you do have to use it to get the results.  However, I do find YNAB helps and motivates me to do so - both in turns of reinforcing little behaviour changes and rewarding you with small and large rewards (eg. enough money to pay bills, upward trends in net worth and savings), downward trends.   You also need to invest time and follow the methodology at least for a while before picking and choosing which rule to follow!

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