Budget for "Grooming" or Personal Expenses

So, I know I have a non-trivial amount of money I spend regularly on soap, razors, haircuts, etc. 


Do many people have a personal or other category named just for such personal grooming items? 

What is yours called? 

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  • Just like I have 'Auto Maintenance' and 'Home Maintenance' categories, I also have a 'Personal Maintenance' category. It's become somewhat of a catch all for anything that keeps me feeling good about myself - new glasses, trips to the salon, etc. If I were to buy a specialty soap just for me, I'd categorize it to my Personal Maintenance category, but if it's hand soap for everyone to use, I'd put that under a household category.

  • I made a Personal Care category that's just a target category balance for shampoo or random other stuff.  Haircuts fall under clothing that is funded monthly (although during pandemic Dad has been cutting my hair so yay).

  • Personal Care/Grooming... before the pandemic, I budgeted a flat amount to cover body wash, razors, deodorant, etc, and then also budgeted the exact amount needed for my massage and facials. Since the pandemic, I spend much less because no massage or facials so I just budget a flat amount for personal care items.

  • Oh yes, that will be my ‘Pcare15’ category (i.e. Personal Care; my No15 category; alphabetical listing), with two subcategories - 1st Body Products (hair, skin, nails) - covering deodorant, soap, shampoo/conditioner, talcum powder, sprays/lotion for hair, moisturisers, sunscreen, anything foot care, toiletries, also here would be manicures/facials/eyebrows/waxing (but they would only happen for a very very special occasion such as immediate-family weddings), and the 2nd subcategory for “Ladies haircuts’ (because they are a regular item that I can set up with a scheduled transaction, while my husbands are ‘free’; home hair clippers that are 20+ yo, of course 😉).  I’ll stack any of these ‘Pcare15’ items at the end of the supermarket conveyor belt - after my groceries - so that they appear on the bottom of my docket.  Because YNAB is so easy for doing a split transaction, I’ll enter the total ‘EFTPOS’ value as one transaction on the YNAB mobile app while at the store then, split them out - groceries $x + Pcare15 $y - once I’m home.  I do this because I LOATH the Pcare15 items eating into my groceries (Food7.3; Food7-3.Groceries) budgeted monies.  Groceries are by far the MOST DIFFICULT item (for us) to keep reigned in (this granular, but quick step helps enormously)!  Also, my husband is a ‘meat-a-holic’ and depleting the grocery budget would cramp his style when it comes to his ‘butcher expedition’ ventures.  Since he is the cook (I’m forever grateful) I am happy to oblige  #novegetarianshere

    We both get massages prior to a Chiropractic treatment but, they fall under my ‘Health9’ category (you guessed it No9 category, alphabetically) as they are partly-funded via our 🇦🇺 private health care insurer, with a portion of it being an out-of-pocket cost.  Any exercise cost (equipment, gym) also falls under Health.

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    • NettieFIRE I love the organizational breakdown here using both alphabetical and numbered categories!

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