New Account Import Issues

Just established a new account today.  I can see USAA Checking, Savings and Visas...  I can also see AMEX and Citibank Visa.  However, the AMEX was the only account that imported transactions for categorizing.  I see nothing under any other account.  Is this normal?

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  • Hi Navy Blue Tape !

    When you first add an account, just your Starting Balance should import. You should see new transactions start to trickle in over the next few days. Transactions usually import within 8 hours of being cleared, but some financial institutions don't clear transactions on the weekends. If you still aren't seeing transactions import by Tuesday, please report a Bank Importing Issue

    • Faness , thanks for the reply.  AMEX imported all of October and November vice starting balance only like all the other accounts.  If I understand your response, seems like making a budget for November would be not only futile but maybe counterproductive given I could not account for every dollar.  Seems I should ignore November on YNAB altogether and start with December. 

    • Navy Blue Tape The best time to start a budget is today. Since we're halfway through November, it's only the end of November that needs to be accounted for in the budget. You'll want to budget for any bills you have to pay between now and the end of the month. For instance, if you paid the electric bill on November 5th - no need to budget for that (your starting balance already accounts for that bill being paid), but if your cable bill is due November 20th, you'll want to budget for that since that bill is upcoming. 

      If Amex imported those past transactions, I'd delete the ones from anytime before today and adjust the starting balance to reflect today's balance.

      If you have a moment, take a look at our Ultimate Get Started Guide or watch this short video.

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