Credit Card Payments - Scheduled Transaction?

Brand New user, Thank you Nick True videos for actually explaining how to use the program, It is a completely different concept than I'm used to.  I like how it handles Credit card, but is there a way to show the Credit Card payment that has accumulated as a scheduled payment on a specific date. I have heard of people putting the due date in the Name of the credit card, which is fine, but I would like to see the payment in my upcoming transactions in the account register.



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  • You can enter the transaction as a recurring scheduled transaction for the due date. 

    This won’t show you what has accrued because YNAB has no way of knowing how much you want to pay, just how much is budgeted to do so. If you are able to pay your card in full each month, a good practice is to have the card company auto-withdraw the statement balance, and, at the beginning of the month or when you get your statement, update the next instance of the transaction to the statement balance which will be withdrawn that month. 

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  • Even if the card doesn't have paid-in-full status, once you decide how much you will pay, enter that as a scheduled transaction. (Or update the amount if you have a recurring transaction scheduled.)

    You will get a warning in the budget if the Available payment amount is insufficient. In which case, you need to make more budgeted purchases (i.e., riding the CC float) or budget to increase Available funds.

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  • Thanks for the help.  I ended up doing the scheduled transaction that repeats, but kept the Amount blank.  Then I'll just fill it in with the budgeted amount that I'm supposed to pay to the CC. I didn't realize you could schedule transactions w/ no amount.

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      Maroon Lobster After you fill it in once, you'll find it will repeat with that same amount. Based on that, it can be hard to tell if the scheduled transaction is the current or "stale" (inherited from the previous bill). This is especially problematic if you have to arrange for the payment to happen rather than having that automated. Options:

      • When you update the amount, put the month in the memo. When the recurrence advances, the transaction date won't match the memo, so you know it's stale.
      • Before you update the amount, hit Enter Now on the empty transaction, and update the amount and date on that specific (non-repeating) instance. The recurring template will have advanced and remain empty.
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