Recording a Credit Card Payment Made by an Unlinked Account

I have searched for this answer, but cannot find it. My husband and I have a joint budget and our own individual budgets. We are just starting with YNAB and so still have some messy interaction between the various accounts. Here are the facts:

1. Joint budget has a linked credit card that he has previously used for personal expenses but in the future will be used mostly for joint. (Therefore the credit card "lives" in the joint budget.)

2. The opening balance was imported to YNAB from the bank.

3.  That balance was paid off by my husband's personal account.

How do I record the payment in the joint budget?

Thank you.

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  • Record the transaction categorized as an inflow to TBB.

  • And then what? Allocate those funds where?

    • Cadet Wildcat contrary to your reasonable expectation, TBB does not increase when the account is negative. Use of the TBB category in a *credit* account acts more like "Debt Management". Give it a try and you'll see.

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