Still no Bank of America Connection

When will Bank of America connectivity be restored?  This has been unable to connect for days now.  The status page says that there may be delays still, but when I try to restore my connection it just says "We are upgrading this connection, please try again later".  

Why does it take YNAB multiple days to upgrade a connection to a major bank?  This is unacceptable.

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  • Hi Green Piano !

    Have you had the chance to reach out to our Direct Import team? They can take a look at your account connections specifically to see what's going on. When a bank makes major changes to their platform, it can take some time for our import partner to rebuild their integration, but our Direct Import team will be able to give you more details! :)

  • I just submitted the request to the direct import team.  Since the connection issue is listed in the YNAB status page, and the error message given is that the integration is being upgraded, I assumed that this was a known issue.  Are you saying that the error message provided is incorrect?

    • Green Piano The error message is correct, but our Direct Import team is able to take a look at your specific account connections. In some cases, depending on the financial institutions involved, they may be able to offer an alternative solution. This isn't always the case, but it doesn't hurt to check with them! 

  • OK, thank you for the feedback.  The Direct Import team had me re-add the connection and link all of the associated accounts.  Hopefully this will fix the issue.

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  • Help!

    I have used YNAB for about five years and recommend it to everyone. A year ago my Capital One account stopped connecting. I finally gave up and just moved my spending to Chase. (Capital One still isn't resolved, by the way.)

    Now Chase has not connected in about two months. It's so frustrating. I really love the software, but what good is it if I can't connect to my accounts? And don't tell me to manually input. Who has time for that?

    I checked their YNAB Status page and every single credit card I own has a connectivity issue - AMEX, BOA, Chase, Capital One. And all of the most recent updates are basically, "we are still working on it! hang in there!" 

    Does anyone have a recommendation on another platform that provides the same features without all of the connectivity issues? I remember trying Mint before moving to YNAB five years ago, and didn't like it. But it's been a while since I've looked at the options. 

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    • Beige Drum (24a99bfb1c0f) It seems a lot of connections are no longer working since it's been updated.  USAA and Chase will not connect and haven't for a few days now 

      Faness Is there an issue with direct import?  It seems since the update (seems to look like other places now such as the new Google Pay which works) most of the connections are not working.

    • VoltaicShock We list widespread issues on our status page, but you can always reach out to our Direct Import team for more details! They can confirm if you're running into the same issue listed on the status page and possibly recommend other fixes if something else is going on with your account connections.

  • After deleting and re-adding the connection to Bank of America, it worked for one day.  Now it is not working again.  Please tell me that I won't have to delete and re-link all of my accounts multiple times a week in order to use YNAB. 

    • Hi Green Piano !

      Once direct import is back up and running, you shouldn't have to delete and then re-add that connection (that's reserved for troubleshooting issues). Hopefully, things are running smoothly for you shortly! :)

  • Unfortunately the response from the direct import team was along the lines of:

    Direct import is hard.  We've been working on it for years but still can't figure it out.  Please allow up to several weeks for us to resolve your issue, but in the mean time, feel free to manually enter everything!

    I'm looking into switching back to Mint, who has been able to import my bank account information without issue for many years now, all while being a free service.

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      Green Piano And with horrible budgeting and lots of ads. Good luck!

  • I agree, Mint isn't great, but it's easier to ignore an advertisement than it is to ignore a lack of my own data.

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