Month-End: Handling Goals

Hi All,

We just started using YNAB and set our budget up and feel really good about our categories and groupings. I also feel we got the idea of budgeting physical dollars and ensuring we hit $0.

The question we have is bringing a month to a close. If we have items on MAR that have goals and we have budgeted for them do we:

1. Leave the category with budgeted and available showing green and let it build over time?


2. Add a transaction to the category to say $ were applied towards goal?

Say we want to build $100 and the goal states save $10 a month. If we budgeted for the $10 do we just let it sit there and physical $ stay in the account or do we add a transaction to say the $10 was “applied or funded” for the current month? By doing the latter the available would go to $0.

Again overall are we supposed to let these categories go to $0 or do we let them be green if $ stay in the same account?

Hope this makes sense, thanks!

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    You want the category available balance to build up. Transactions are for spending the money in the categories.

    Dollars are applied to goals when you budget money into a category.

  • I'm a newbie also. It's my understanding that your #1 is correct - stay green and build.

  • First off, welcome! And yes! You want those green available amounts to roll into the new month and build over time, and you'll only want to enter transactions as they actually happen in real life! 

    You might find this article that goes over what to expect went the month rolls over helpful as you move into April 😊

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