Renaming Rules: payee name + specific outflow?

I have insurance on two cars and one home with the same insurance company. I would like to auto rename Company XYZ to either Company XYZ (Honda), Company ZYZ (Ford), or Company XYZ (home) based on whether the monthly outflow amount associated with Company XYZ was $50, $75, or $200.


In Manage Payees -- Renaming Rules, it says: "Imported payees that match these rules will be renamed." Do the Contains/Is boxes only look at the payee name at the top of the page? Or can it look at outflow amount, too?


In other words, would this work?



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  • Hello, Happy Habs !

    There's no way to do this with Renaming Rules, because they only look at the Payee.

    So I would recommend creating repeating transactions for each of these payments. That way, YNAB doesn't even have to guess the payee—it will just match the imported transaction to the repeating ones you've created, and you have total control over the payee names!

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  • And the beauty of doing it with scheduled transactions is you don't even have to worry about setting goals, because a scheduled transaction basically acts as a  type of goal, and if you use the underfunded button, it will populate it based on the goal and/or scheduled transaction.  And it will always have a little reminder on the right side of the screen telling you how much your next transaction will be, and what the available in the category will be after that transaction happens.

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