WEB YNAB Update: Ready to Assign Info Changed

  • Anyone having frustration with the "ready to assign" information supposedly 'streamlined' and now you have to click on the "i" to see any relevant data?
  • Additionally, the right bar shows some data but not all data which you have to click on the "i" to see?
  • When were hidden bubbles ever efficient for anyone?
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    • nolesrule
    • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
    • nolesrule
    • 6 mths ago
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    Yes, my preference would be to have it readily available without the need to take action to see it.

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  • I feel this could be solved with a dynamic balloons on the side. Some are static info like the ones mentioned above and others change depending on view. I personally am not missing the info shown above but if it was an option to show on right or not, users can customize their view some.

  • I do not like this change at all. It has ruined my YNAB experience when budgeting.

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  • I concur —— not an improvement at all

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  • I just don’t care about any of these categories - or obsession with past/future - I just want to see what was there before - that lovely green box.... it’s actually quite a chore to ‘assign’ money now...you have to find the secret ‘manual’ tab, etc. Awful. 

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  • Mostly I hate that in the new ready to assign process I can’t see the current category balance or the goals for that category. I’m paid two weekly, my partner weekly and we budget monthly - but at any point I make subtle adjustments each pay depending on what and where we are at. Auto assign assumes incorrectly and is more opaque in terms of category balances and demands. 

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  • 1.) 'Inflow' is perfect. The rest is confusing. What is Ready to Assign Transactions?
    2.) Why the redundancy from the number in green? What is the purpose of this?
    3.) Assigned in Future & Assigned in THE Future? WHY? and WHY different numbers and why separate areas? This is so frustrating. I get the math. It's just represented horribly. 
    4.) If I assigned every dollar to a job, this box is irrelevant. Let's not forget also the redundancy in 'Assigned in July' showing up in both the bubble and here. If this amount was assigned for the next month, its not technically available. 
    5.) I don't even know what I can say about this. This confuses me greatly. Isn't my activity the amount of money assigned and spent? If I have every amount assigned and it's cleared, what is this activity? and why do I need to know it?
    6.) Assigned in the future, and Assigned next month? Wouldn't Assigned Next Month be more important and should be more prominent. 

    There are 9 instances of the word "Assign" with multiple nuances in the new display. 

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    • Hot Pink Boa I could go for the category being called Inflow: RTA in various places that are not the initial green bubble up top.

      Maybe that would cut some of your nuances - it makes sense that the category is called that, but in referring to the category name (in reports, transactions, this info blurb, etc), I can see how having that verb in the name produces a double-take.

    • Hot Pink Boa You've pointed out some spots that could use some clarification! We could work through the numbers here, but I think you're pointing to a larger issues. Aside from the many instances of using the word "assigned", 😅do you think it would be helpful to have a bubble that explained each section? 

      What I think is really interesting is which numbers folks find really useful in their budget - especially new budgeters. They often really look to that activity number, but I tend to agree that it doesn't really give me necessary info in my own budget. 

      ETA: to be even more clear: I never look at it.

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    • Marisa  I get the sense people don’t want more and more information (ie multiple bubbles) - and it’s anyone’s guess why the activity number appeals to some, because it’s a bit of a ‘so what’ - whereas that info can happily sit in the right hand pane for those who look to those stats (same with auto assign) -  they can knock themselves out working out what it actually means - but I think everyone felt ambushed when a convoluted header arrived that needed to be deconstructed and deciphered - as opposed to the simplicity of knowing whether there were $$ to allocate or not - and a clear pathway to allocate them.

      The frequent reference to newbies preferring this needs to be considered further as well, fyi - it gives the impression long term users aren’t as valued ( not true of course, given the multiple recent revisions) - but its difficult to understand why newbies find the revisions appealing when long term users got it pretty much straight up ... and we’re the ones that turned it into a converting religion after all - mostly because the simplicity was a game-changer in our lives... and clearly, it has since been complicated beautifully- but long term users (not all, but many) - aren’t drinking the kool aid. Overall, it feels like a top-down intervention...which always annoys.... Anywho, nice to see the YNAB team listening (!)

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    • Aquamarine Koala THANK YOU!

  • The redundancy I get to deal with when budgeting for the next month. 

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  • Hot Pink Boa : You pretty much nailed it...although I notice the designers might be hearing these comments well and truly, because the most recent incarnation seems to be more user friendly... but you’re right...redundant 

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  • Yes. This is (yet another) giant step backwards on the part of YNAB.  I don't know what they're smoking, but I wish they'd stop.

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  • So is anyone from YNAB going to assist with this? Why ruin a good thing?

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    • Hot Pink Boa Have you let our product team hear your voice on this? I'd highly encourage you to do so if you haven't yet! That said, I also want to make sure that these recent changes aren't keeping you from budgeting. If there are specific numbers that seem off or incorrect in your budget, we'd love to help, so let us know if that's the case!

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