Credit Card Balance not matching after payment

I made a $4,000 credit card bill payment and my balance in YNAB doesn't match my bank. I'm confused on how my balance increased after a payment. Not sure what happened but I'm confused on how to trouble shoot. 

I didn't pay my CC in full, my bank is showing I a balance of $1,077.44 but YNAB is showing $6,451.22


Any advice?

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  • It says you have $9237.38 worth of positive, uncleared transactions. Make sure you've clicked the green c next to any cleared transactions. Delete any unneeded duplicates.

  • I think I may have found the issue. I'm looking at my credit card statements and not everything is input in YNAB. This could be because I took a break from YNAB.

    Does linking your credit card backfill data into YNAB? I assumed it would, but looks like it has some but not all

    • Slate Gray Cello That could definitely be what happened! After linking an account, Direct Import will only provide historical transactions from 31 days in the past. If you want that history included in your account register, consider using our File-Based Importing option to get things up to date. 

      Whether or not you choose to back-fill those transactions, you'll definitely want to get that account reconciled. As Move Light Sound Life mentioned: be sure to clear any uncleared transactions first (you can click the gray "c" at the top of your register to quickly pull uncleared transactions to the top). And of course, let us know if you need help along the way! 

    • Rachel Thanks Rachel! That makes sense if it's not showing past 31 days. I tried file-based importing and feel like that messed it up even more with duplicates.  So I will just forgo the backfill.

      I ended up just doing a reconciliation which does fix things and make my balance match. You can see I had to do a reconciliation of $7,840.50.


      I thought this was fine, but when I looked over into reports, I noticed that is impacting my net income for this month. I see my net income for Jul is -3,992.39. Is that because it's taking into account my manual reconciliation? Advice?


    • Slate Gray Cello It looks like the numbers in your register (at least the part you shared) have the opposite signs to what they should be. Your balance should be negative numbers and your outflows should be positive numbers. If you look at your running balance you can see that every time you add a charge your balance decreases instead of increasing...

    • Periwinkle Flute That's probably because it's running positive. I would expect a negative charge to decrease the positive balance. 

      What I don't expect on the credit card is the positive balance to begin with, which likely came about because OP did file based import and caught the payments to the credit cards more easily than the backlog of charges. 

      Slate Gray Cello , I neglected to mention to you that you can also match duplicates in the imported transactions, which may be easier than just deleting them in the future. 

      If you want to try file-based importing again to get your reports looking right, I want to give you a heads up. You can, but since you imported them and then presumably deleted them, there's a little workaround you'll need to do. If that's the case, ask, and someone can give you the steps.

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