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Like a lot of people, I have a large  number of subscriptions - streaming services, software (nowadays Microsoft Office is a monthy payment), gym fees, media, etc. I've entered all these under Subscriptions. But is there any way to set a reminder before the due date? I have been using another app called Outflow to set reminders, but it's tedious to maintain that app as well as the table of subscriptions in YNAB. It would be really handy if a YNAB reminder popped up with 'Gym Fees Due Tomorrow' or suchlike. 

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  • You can create scheduled transactions.

  • done that, but it would be handy if it triggered a notification.

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      Quotidian You are correct, there is not a notification... but it will create transactions that need to be approved. So if you are using the mobile app, there should be a badge at least that there are things to be done. If you are on the web version, there would be the dot next to your account name. 

      Many have requested a calendar feature to be added to YNAB for such a purpose but we are still waiting for that one.

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    • Quotidian I'm glad you set up scheduled transactions! That would have been my top recommendation, as well. If you have notifications turned on, you should receive one when scheduled transactions are ready for approval, which should help a bit! 

      Of course, our product team would love to hear as many details as possible about what you're looking for, too. You can get your request into their hands directly by filling out this form 😊

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    • Rachel I just submitted the form. Reminders for upcoming scheduled transactions would be a killer feature. Currently, I use Google Keep for bill reminders, but it would be nice to have one solution. 

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  • Rachel said:
    If you have notifications turned on, you should receive one when scheduled transactions are ready for approval, which should help a bit! 

     I haven't seen that. Or rather, I do approve them, but only after they're done.  I've got Notifications enabled for YNAB on my iPhone, and all my Subscriptions have due dates. But I don't get a notification when a payment is due, like a 'payment reminder'. All the notifications that appear in YNAB are for overspent categories, uncategorised transactions etc. I will fill that form.

    • Quotidian Thanks for submitting that form - you're right that an in-advance notification is not currently a feature - our product team will love to hear from you about it 👍🏻

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  • I put the date of expected transaction in the description of the budget line item.  It is the same as the target date, but it is a little easier to see at a glance.

  • The galaxy brain solution: 

    Get to the point where you can budget an entire month at a go, and then set all of them to be automatically pulled. My Audible subscription gets pulled on the 31st of each month, aside from that one, which I only notice because it sometimes requires careful handling if I choose to budget before the 31st, I have no idea when my subscriptions are actually charged. They just appear. I do have scheduled transactions for each of them, but since I’m not taking action to pay them!I couldn’t tell you when they are. 

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  • Paypal gives me a dashboard  for all my auto-payments, and I've got due dates set up in YNAB as well. But what you don't get is reminders.  Especially useful for things like speeding tickets, which come with a distant due-date, but add on a penalty if you forget to pay on time. 

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