New real time account sync integration idea

Hello everyone. I'm a software developer and I started using YNAB a month ago. I really love YNAB. I don't really like to use the bank account sync feature because it takes my bank a day or 2 to move a transaction out of pending, and then it takes YNAB another day to pick up the transaction before it can import it. I prefer to have the account balance reflect my real balance. 

I  know there are a couple third party apps out there for syncing data, but they don't really do what I need, that is, import transactions from my Chase account to YNAB in real time. So I went ahead and created a program that can take email alerts from my bank and automatically import them to YNAB.  Banks don't really have open APIs, so that's why I had to go this rout. 


This is basically how it works. 


1.  I set an alert in my bank account to  send an email to a special email address any time a transaction over $0.00 happens.

 2. When an alert is sent to that email, the email is forwarded to a function I set up.

3. That function inserts a transaction into YNAB that it reads from the email. 


This is working great for me, and I'm really enjoying seeing my transactions import to YNAB in real time. So my question for you guys is:


If I developed this into a public app, do you think people would want to use it?

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  • HA! That's great! I did exactly the same thing using a Microsoft Flow app.  It automates reading my inbox, parse the email details and POST to the new transaction to the YNAB API.


    Best feature ever!!

  • The email notification would be for any transaction posted or pending, how would the automation handle a situation when you get email for a transaction which was in pending but you either cancelled it or it never got posted.

    • Aquamarine Commander I haven't had that happen very often, or at least it hasn't been hard to deal with. 

      Gas stations never cause the email to get created, so I still do those manually. 

      And restaurants don't include the tip amount, so I manually add that part to the transaction before I approve it. 

      Other than that, it has worked really well for me. Not perfect, but darn close! :) 

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