I fell off the band wagon! How do I get back on?

S0, I stopped inputting my transactions and Im afraid iv lost track of where I last was.

What is the easiest way to pick up where I left off? Should I just simply reconcile accounts and input new amounts?

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  • Take a big leap. We're reaching our hands out to pull you back on. 😄

    Yes, don't try to catch up. Just start from today. Do what you said in your last sentence. Plenty of seats on the bandwagon.

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      • kristin
      • Kristin
      • 11 days ago
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      Superbone well said! Start from today, as there's no use in going backwards to try and catch up. 

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  • Should i just start with "reconcile account" then?

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      • WordTenor
      • I'm the oldest and the wittiest.
      • WordTenor
      • 11 days ago
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      Ramses Rodriguez 

      1. Reconcile your accounts, making any adjustments as necessary. This ensures you have all the cash you have on hand represented accurately in your budget. 

      2. Make sure that you have no money budgeted in months beyond March. This ensures that in March, you can see all the cash. 

      3. In March, budget so that all categories are $0 or positive. This ensures that any spending you've done up to this point has been handled by the budget.

          -note that this will also involve dealing with your credit card category if you have one. It should be equal to the entire account balance if you pay your card in full each month, or at least, should not be any less than what you'd pay right now. 

      4. Once you've completed those steps, any additional money left in March, either as excess in categories or in TBB, is free to move wherever in the budget you need it to be. 

      There are some quick budget options which can help with these operations, but I thought I'd stick to the "why" and not the "push this button." 

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  • Thank you! And Back on! 

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