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I have been using YNAB for 8mo now and still feel that I don’t understand how it works especially with CC usage. I always pay my CC balance off about 1-2x per month. Most of my purchases are through CC so understanding it important. 

 For one of my CC, the actual cure balance is 160.28, which is what is reflected on YNAB under account. My question is why is the amount allocated for CC payment $308 instead of160.28? It’s more than what I’ve spent this month and I already paid off last months bill.

Please help me understand what I’m missing. Thanks attaching pictures of my budget account.

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  • The payment amount got off somewhere along the way. You can just fix it by moving $308.94 - $160.28 from the payment category to another category. Found money is always nice. How you got there? There are a myriad of ways. Frequent payment is one of the causes often due to an overpay.

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      Superbone Thanks. I started reading other CC issues in this forum and think it’s likely overpayment and refunds. 

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    • JollofWarrior Glad to hear you've found some good info! There are, indeed, quite a few ways you might end up with too much in your Credit Card Payment category, but these are the most common:

      1. Overassigning. 
      2. Inflows categorized Inflow: Ready to Assign - these will reduce your balance owed without reducing the available amount in your Credit Card Payment category.

      The solution for all these scenarios? Move the extra money out of your Credit Card Payment category and put it to work somewhere else in your budget! 

      Let us know how you're feeling about moving forward with credit cards in your budget - we want to make sure you're feeling 100% confident!

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