Link category to account?

While experimenting with loan accounts, I noticed that they are linked to categories.

Can I link any category to any account?


My usecase is this:

- The laundromat only accepts 1 EUR coins.

- I have a real "envelop budgeting" style box of 1 EUR coins, which I added to YNAB as a cash account.

- I have a laundry category


Now, since I only ever spend laundry money from the laundry category and the laundry cash account, it would be nice to have them linked together.

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  • Ah! I can see how that would be useful for you in this case - it isn't something you can currently do (feel free to submit a feature request though!).

    For money that must be spent on a certain thing, I like to add those accounts as asset tracking accounts. You would assign money to the laundry category, and then make the transfer out of your budget account and category when you withdraw the cash in real life. You'd look at the balance of the tracking account to know how many coins you had for laundry. 

    Your use case doesn't quite fit this scenario, since it really is cash and can be used otherwise, but I thought I'd offer an alternative that might require less fiddling.

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