How to use categories when everything gets paid by credit card

My husband and I buy everything with credit cards...mainly for rewards/points/etc.. The cards are also paid off every month. As a brand new YNAB'er, my question is: Can I track/budget grocery, discretionary spending, etc... in a granular way when everything is pre-accounted for in my total credit card bill?

I'm looking for granular tracking like Mint has, but without using Mint 

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  • Absolutely - although YNAB is different than Mint in that you'll make a plan first, and adjust as you go.

    Here's a great video that will get you up and running with your credit cards in YNAB  - be sure you assign the amount of your starting balance to your Credit Card Payment category right away so you're ready to pay that card in full!

  • There are two parts to the transaction (actually 4 but I am just going to address your question). 1. WHAT are you buying - this is the category. You need a category for every type of expense you want to track. This is the granularity you want. 2. HOW did you pay for it? In your case its credit card but it could be cash, cheque, bitcoin, whatever.  

    What is attracting you to YNAB? ARe you using Mint now? If so, what is driving you to want to change?

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