New Loan Feature throws off net worth report

So I got the new loan feature and converted all of my student loans to the new loan account. However, I have noticed a problem where my net worth plummeted this month when I made the change. I think it's because when it closed the old account, it made the new loan account with a starting balance. 

Could I set the starting balance to zero and then that may "fix" the net worth report? I have been under the grace period from the Covid pandemic and the balance has not changed. 

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  • Yep, it's definitely funky now. Especially when you start trying different account combinations. I would have expected this from the Toolkit (which also has newly introduced issues) but not from the integrated YNAB report.

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  • So I found that you can exclude the student loans from the net worth, which helps, but I think that defeats the purpose of the net worth chart. 

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  • Slate Blue Pilot (2903ac015cdb) In order for the Net Worth to balance out, you'll need your balance adjustment transaction in the Tracking account and the starting balance in the Loan Account to happen in the same month - is that what you're seeing in your budget?

    • Marisa I believe what I did was delete the prior accounts (I have not had any payments or interest on them in a year, they have stayed at the same balance), and maybe that threw it off? 

      I just find it weird the dates would be set for the day it was transfered and not the day the loan was started/continued. 

    • Slate Blue Pilot (2903ac015cdb) Got it - if you deleted the old accounts, did you then change the date of the starting balance on the new account (as outlined by Vet Wtih Debt?) Otherwise, the loans are showing up as new with the starting balance - that report doesn't see deleted accounts.

  • I found that if you click on the "All Accounts" tab in the sidebar, you can find the starting balance for the loans the day you changed them from a tracking to a loan account. You can edit that date to reflect when the loan balance was actually acquired.


    For me, I have yet to make a payment on either of my loans since they are still in grace and have been since I started using YNAB earlier this year. So I just set the date to the date I started using the program since that is the start date for all of my financial tracking. I also went ahead and deleted the prior tracking accounts since they had no transactions aside from the starting balance.

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