New Quick Budget - underfunded feature doesn't work for me

I am not sure if this new feature is not working for me or if I misunderstand how it is supposed to work. 

Here is what happens:  I have a category that is underfunded by $130.  There is $112 in my To Be Budgeted.  I select the category and click the Underfunded link under Quick Budget.  My understanding of the new feature is that this should move the remaining $112 from TBB and plae it in this category still leaving it underfunded by $18.  Instead, the category gets completely funded, and the TBB is now at ($18).  

Am I using this right, or did I miss something in the description of this feature?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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  • This button behaves differently based on different circumstances that it's called.

    If you push the button when NO categories are selected, it pops up a description of how it will populate everything based on date and priority etc. etc. until TBB is 0.

    However, if you select all, or some, or one category, it behaves differently, and completely fills the categories regardless of how it will affect TBB.  Then you'll have to "unfund" some categories until TBB is back to 0.

    If it's just one category you're concerned about, there's a couple of things you could do.  One, click on TBB, and it will ask you where you want to move the money.  Select the category, and it will put it there.  another way would be to click on the category and type in the amount you want to put in.  (If there is already money in there you can hit the plus sign "+" and the additional amount you want to add.)

    Hope that helps.

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      Bruce Thanks, Bruce.  So bottom line is that I did misundertand how this feature works.  By the way, I only selected the one category as a test.  The methods that you described are exactly how I have been using the underfunded button up until now.  I selected the categories in groups until I was just shy of my TBB, moved the money, then clicked TBB to move the remaining funds to the next one on the list.  Now, I will just click underfunded with no categories selected and it moves the money based on my priorities.  Thanks again.

  • Bruce Thank you so much (and thanks to Grey for asking). I've been trying to figure out what YNAB meant by 'order of priority' for a week now, and it's not written anywhere that I can find - which makes the repeated reference to using it really frustrating. It never occurred to me to try clicking the button without selecting something - I've just never done that!

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