We need a bookkeeper - Where and how do we find one we trust?

So we've tried and tried and both of us just aren't that interested in doing all the details of the data entry/categorization that comes with keeping up with the books (figuring out why connections break, catching up on past entries that get out of sync, etc.). We enjoy the budgeting part, we don't really have any debt problem (i.e. the only debt left is the house we bought about a year and a half ago, on track to pay it off in 7 years) but we don't like doing the mundane part of the process... I'm at the point of wanting to hire a bookkeeper to do reconciling, making sure everything is in order for our monthly budget committee meeting, data entry on a few side spreadsheets, etc. Where/how do I find one that I can trust?

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  • If you are the author Jordan Peterson, I'd totally love to help you with your YNAB books :)  Of course I'm pretty busy with my full time science job, so I probably shouldn't, but I'm too good at saying yes.


    I would think here on the forums or the YNAB reddit community you might find another YNAB budget nerd who has more time on their hands than I.  Or maybe someone on here would want to ask a bright teenager who they want to teach to budget by helping someone else with theirs?

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      PhysicsGal said:
      If you are the author Jordan Peterson, I'd totally love to help you with your YNAB books :) 

       I was going to say something similar 🙂 , but then I figured "the author/professor Jordan Peterson" would likely already have trusted staff and the ability to hire a personal assistant and wouldn't be asking this question on the YNAB forum.


      Jordan Peterson

      Hiring an online virtual assistant comes to mind, but I certainly wouldn't recommend assigning the reconciling function to them. That would require giving them access to the actual bank accounts to get the information on balances and transactions. Personally, I don't trust anyone but me with that level of access.

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  • Heh I'm not familiar with the author, but when I showed my husband this post last night he was.  I showed him because I was like, hello, is this my dream job??  Isn't this like half the people here's dream job? Haha to mess with a new YNAB budget when mine gets too boring.  For $$$!!!  To put back into MY ynab budget!  Everybody wins!

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  • Ohhh wait I HAVE heard of him!!  I loaded up a page with all his articles once, and I was like, oh man once I start reading this I'll lose a whole week, and I never went back! Dammit!  I had no idea my husband knew about him... hmmm.

  • Haha! You all are too funny! Now I wish I was Jordan B. Peterson. But alas I'm Jordan C. Peterson. On a side note, I've got some pretty good stories about getting mixed up with him, from a podcast that went kind of nuts in downloads when I started it, to the CEO of Whole Foods introducing me to some of his friends (he knew I wasn't the real deal, but it didn't stop him from having a bit of fun with it).

    But back to the topic at hand. I am serious about finding someone trustworthy and can do this for me on a monthly basis. I'd pay the right person $250+ a month initially to get caught up with my mess! 

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    • Jordan Peterson So two thoughts here. 1) Annieland offered, and she seems really trustworthy from forum posts. 😉 (I agree with Happy dance, though - giving someone access to all your financial accounts seems like a bad plan.)

      2) What do you mean when you say 

      Jordan Peterson said:
      We enjoy the budgeting part

       Because in my head,

      Jordan Peterson said:
      doing all the details of the data entry/categorization that comes with keeping up with the books (figuring out why connections break, catching up on past entries that get out of sync, etc.)

       *is* budgeting. (Well, maybe not the broken connections.)  Budgeting is making a plan for spending money and then *following or adjusting* that plan. If you're not keeping up with the books, how do you know if you're following the plan? How do you know if the plan needs adjusting?

      Apparently your head has a different concept of budgeting, and I'm curious to know what your definition is.

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      • I was told there would be no math.
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      Jordan Peterson Have you tried using YNAB support to help you clean up what you refer to as "your mess?"  Perhaps it's not as bad as you think!  And it wouldn't cost you a dime as their stellar support is included in your subscription.  They can probably give you some pointers on how to catch up and simplify going forward.

      Fuzzball Meows Thank you for the vote of confidence :).  While I can't prove it with references or credentials, other than from the moms and business manager of my kids' school where I served as treasurer for 4 years, I do take pride in my almost comical fiduciary integrity.  When my mom died two years ago, and I rushed to the lawyer to make sure I managed the disbursement and closing of her Trust correctly, I asked if I should keep an accounting of all actions I make and any funds I move.  She's like, "Who is going to challenge you?? You're an only child, the sole inheritor and already Trustee for the past 10 years."  I said, "I just want to do the right thing! I don't know!"  It was funny.  When I was done being treasurer for the school parent organization, with the checkbook, I also returned the stamps I bought that I didn't use.  My husband was like, "Only you would return 5 unused stamps..."  "But I reimbursed myself for them!!"  So yeah, I'm a very honest person, and as we've also observed, have no freaken filter either 😬.

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