Newbie Income vs Expense Report Question

Super basic question.  On the Income vs expense report, I have a green total number of $5000.  Does that mean that over the course of my use of YNAB, I have saved that amount?  I would assume so, since I spend far less than I save.  However, it is not the same as the sum of each month's total net income number.  In fact it is several thousand lower.

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  • Hello, Mike T !

    This is going to be a little complicated. I'm going to preface the explanation by saying that of all the useful numbers on the Income v Expense report, that one is probably not going to tell you much of interest.

    First off, I'm assuming you have all categories and all accounts selected for the report. Assuming that's the case, the $5000 should represent all of the income you've made but haven't spent yet—in other words, the total amount available in your budget...

    ...but there's a catch. Credit card payments aren't recorded on your Income v Expense report. That means that if you paid off any existing debt (including a starting balance) since starting your budget, the amount of money in your budget will be lower than the amount in the report by the amount of debt paid off.

    Does that help explain what you're seeing? The only reason I can think of that the Total column wouldn't be lower than the total of all of the individual months is that you're accidentally adding in the Average column. Any chance that might be it?

  • Thanks!  That makes sense.  I appreciate the response.

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