In wich month should I budget my money ?

Hello, I have a question about YNAB, my paycheck is in each 22 of the month, So it will cover next month budget, for example, the paycheck I receive on the 22th of may will mostly cover the very last of May and the whole of June, So my question is, with the money I receive in the 22 of May, shouldn't I budget it directly in June? 

I hope my question is clear, and thanks for any tip :) 

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  • Have a re-read of the comments on your other post as they discuss this.

    There are two separate decisions:

    (1) Whether you need some of that money in May and, therefore, how you split that money between May and June

    (2) Where you budget the money for June.


    For (2) you can either

    • budget directly into June categories - I believe this is still what YNAB recommend.
    • budget to a single category within May - income for next month - what most old-timers recommend.

    The concern with budgeting directly into June is that you can inadvertently STEAL FROM THE FUTURE (SFTF). This is a very real problem particularly for beginners and is discussed on your other thread. If you do want to budget into the next month you need to get into the habit of scrolling forward to the last month available and checking that TBB has not gone negative. Or, leave $0.01 in TBB and maintain eagle-eyed vigilance that it remains at $0.01.

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  • Hi, there! When you're in a situation where you're fully budgeted for this month and get another paycheck (woo!), you can definitely budget in future months. Here's how. :)

    As monkeyhanger mentioned, when you budget in the future it's important to only move money between categories in the current month when To be Budgeted is $0.

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      Dela thank you, yess now that I'm living the month in a YNAB perspective i can see why it's important to build the true expanses and know exactly what they are. Just in one week i was invited to 2 weddings and of course I don't have money to the beauty and gift and everything so i started a gift fund and extra beauty fund :) thank you for everything :) 

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