Budget Income and Expense in future?

So I am getting a large bonus next month and want to budget those funds now - is this possible/advisable?

In other words, add the income and budget the future monies.


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  • Basing your spending decisions on fake money you can't spend isn't the wisest course of action.

    If you can keep the budget entries confined to next month -- and therefore NOT used for spending decisions -- I'd say there's a gray area there and you can just let the future TBB be negative in the amount of the expected income. The problem arises if the month changes before you receive those funds, throwing you into the first (undesirable) situation.

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  • Patience, young grasshopper.

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  • Hey Turquoise Hail ! In short, possible? Yes. Advisable? Nope.

    YNAB is different than other systems because you only budget the money you have on hand. Those dollars don't exist in your accounts yet, so you don't want them in your budget. If it's inflated with monopoly money, it can get dicey—fast!

    Our Prioritize Guide talks about how working with available money levels up your budgeting and how scarcity serves an essential purpose in your budget by helping make better decisions. For a fun take on this, check out Pretend Money in our Starting Your YNAB Budget video course. 

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  • Do that on paper or in your mind. YNAB is very specific about only budgeting money you have which is why all of us YNAB old timers get so excited on payday. Especially in a 3 paycheque month. So you can dream now and budget later. 

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