How do I delete extra money?

I made a mistake and I want to know how to erase money I added a while back that shouldn't be there. Ghost money.

I don't want answers like, "The Budget is the sum of all of your money in your accounts. You don't have extra. It's just in the "wrong" place."

I just want to know:

1) Can I erase the funds that should not be there

2) If so, how?

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  • If the mistake is one specific transaction or even couple but ones that you can easily pick up from the list of your transactions and they are within this month or so, I would probably just delete that/those transaction(s) and that should fix the balance. If this is not the case, I think possibly the easiest way might be to just reconcile your accounts to match todays bank account balances to YNAB balances and fix it that way.

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      Rakuna Thank you for responding so quickly; I was getting frustrated. That fixed the issue. I was strictly using the YNAB Mobile App and reconcile isn't an option there. It's only an option on the computer. Thanks again.

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