VENMO not showing as a linked acocunt

Hi, I have had a budget with YNAB before with Venmo as a linked account and I am creating a new budget and trying to link Venmo again but when I search for it, it's not coming up. Anything else it would be called?

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  • Support for linking Venmo was "removed" when YNAB switched to Plaid for their import functionality. That was apparently several months ago, and if you had your Venmo linked from before then, it would still work. I made the mistake of unliking it to try to resolve an import issue and now I cannot relink it.

    I share expenses with someone using Venmo, and sometimes even buy things with it (especially from street vendors, but also from craigslist, etc.). Losing import capability is huge for me. Having to enter transactions manually is a nuisance, and YNAB is not even making the effort to import CSVs from Venmo without the user getting involved to reformat the file.

    If I were evaluating YNAB now, I would not purchase it based solely on this. Sure, we can all send Plaid notes about how we want to see Venmo, but A) I doubt they care, and B) Venmo uses Plaid for payment so what exactly is the difficulty here?

    I think YNAB is kicking the can down the road - they could in theory make their own importer, but I understand the challenge there - but at the very least, they could make YNAB take Venmo CSVs as-is.

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