HELOC Confusion

I recently took out a HELOC to help with a house project. I just transferred $10K from the HELOC to my checking account, and recorded that in YNAB as a transfer between the two. I was thinking that on the budget, in the Credit Card Payment section, the activity column would show $10k being spent, but instead it shows $0 in the HELOC activity column. What am I doing wrong?

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  • It's unbudgeted spending, so it won't appear as Activity.

    You also should have seen $10k added to your TBB.

    • nolesrule I wouldn't even call it spending since money hasn't left the budget. Yes, the HELOC account complains about "overspending", but I'd call that a mistake.

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      • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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      dakinemaui You're right. Poor choice of words when I actually meant new debt on the card not covered by budgeting. it's been a very long day.

    • nolesrule Tomorrow's a new day, hopefully a better one!

  • I saw the $10K added to TBB. I budgeted that money to the project budget account I created for this home project (money already spent). If it's not showing in the HELOC activity, how do I know how much I still owe to pay off this loan? Still very confused.

    • Steel Blue Android The HELOC account balance is negative. You owe all of that. You can also look at the monthly statement.

      It actually kind of complicates things to have the HELOC as an account. The simpler route is to just have a category for the HELOC payments (much like you would a mortgage).

    • dakinemaui okay, good to know. I'll just go that route then. Thanks!

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