Linking issues with my fidelity account

I am fairly new to YNAB (abt 8 months deep) and love the system but I'm having problems linking my fidelity account. I have tried at least 10 times over the past 3 separate days. YNAB has forced me to reset my password 3 times because of "3 incorrect attempts". I know for a fact that I input my user and password info correctly. Hell I even had my brother do it once or twice to make sure it wasn't just me. YNAB just will not accept it which is nearly a deal breaker considering I'm trying to switch fully to fidelity for my checking account. I've also been reading other forums on this site about misc. issues concerning fidelity accounts in YNAB not being synched and whatnot and I'm wondering if this is still an issue. The forums are from about 3 months ago and if those issues are not resolved already how do I know my issue will ever get fixed. 


I am very frustrated and am hoping to get some straight answers.

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  • Hi Forest Green Jackal !

    Have you reached out to support directly for help with that account? We aren't able to troubleshoot direct import issues on the forum, but you can use this form to report a Bank Importing Issue. Investment accounts tend to be troublesome with direct import (usually, only the starting balance imports), but your checking accounts should work as long as they're supported.

    Once you submit that form, our Direct Import team will be in touch and can help you get things back up and running! :)

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